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Company Culture

Created in China, ameliorate the culture of home decoration.
Dream and future:
Internationalization and popularization of our brand “S-zone”.  
Corporation values:
Honesty, Accommodating, Insistent, Pursue excellence.
A basic of business, a principle of human, a root of corporation’s development.
Hand by hand each other, win together and return back society.
Keep on study and get ahead a little every day, you will succeed final.
Pursue excellence: 
Active; dedicated; serious; practice than a word and just do it.
Operation Principle:
Good reputation is the largest market.
Enterprise Spirit:
Royal style; creating brand quality, brand creating enterprise, enterprise make individual.
Enterprise Core: 
Efficient; Rigorous; Innovative; Unity; Happiness.
Initiative and active.
Attitude is everything.
Keep innovation on products, production, process, marketing, management and individual.
Fraternity, harmony and union is power for a enterprise.
Enjoying your work and your life, share happiness with friend and family,
Enterprise Team: 
Employees are the company's wealth; enterprise is the home of employees.
Enterprise Position: 
Create a leader brand and guide the window decoration business.
Enterprise Standard: 
Action and no excuse, there is a will, there is a way.
Enterprise Management: 
Work should be done today; we emphasize and control the exact details of the products.
Brand Promotion: 
Promote our brand "SZONE" throughout every market.
Brand Development:
The art of sliding, high-grade quality, beautiful appearance.