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Golden metal curtain rod clamp and holder
Golden metal curtain rod holder be used for bathroom,dinning room and sliding wall.metal hook with cap would be the high point. 

Products Information

Chrome metal curtain rod clamps

Metal Curtain Clamps



     Aluminium Alloy

   Zinc alloy



   19mm (3/4")   


   25mm (1") 

   28mm (9/8")  



Styling Principle with Clamps


   Pole length   


   Round pole   

        6 m

 Finials : 6 pcs   

 Brackets: 6 pcs   

   Rings:48  pcs  


   Round pole

        3  m

  Finials : 3 pcs

  Brackets: 3 pcs

   Rings:24  pcs



1.Each rod in a shrinking wrap,carton outside;accessories in a plastic bag,carton outside

2.PVC packing is available



How to use the hook or clamps?

1. ready for screws and phillipes screwdriver

2.as the curtain wide and high.to install its hook besid the curtain.(pls see my photos)




curtain rod hook in bathroom.jpg

bathroom curtain_5

Decorate Your Home
Every home is as unique as its occupants. When you come to make any home improvements it is always a challenge to create something different. Curtain Rods and Curtain Accessory give you the opportunity to explore all the possibilities available to you with your window dressing treatments. Curtain accessories can add extra function and detail to your windows whether it may be curtain brackets, curtain finials or just additional curtain rings. Curtain rods give you the opportunity to show your curtain headings to their best advantage, which would not be seen under a pelmet.