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As the most professional and most authoritative exhibition dedicated to windows, doors and curtain wall industry, Fenestration China 2010 will enable you to have:

32,000 Direct global contacts from Asia/into Asia
30,000 sqm ideal products launch platform attracting lucrative business deals
Innumerable highly-efficient communication channels to assess learning and interaction
Seize your share of the most stable and promising marketé”›?/p>

As the largest construction market with stable investments, China’s real estate market is at a point of time to achieve prosperity out of the accelerated economic growth, rising income levels and the on-going industrialization.

It is forecast that the newly released residence building will reach 35 billion sqm by the year of 2010 in China with an estimated market demand for windows of 12 billion sqm. The only way for China window and curtain-wall industry is up, especially for the energy-efficient products, which have been the most popular hotspot and most comprehensive topic under the avocation and encouragement of China government.