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Types of Curtain Tracks

There are various types of curtain rails or curtain tracks to choose from, from flat brass rails, traditional I shaped rails, flat profile rails, nylon, aluminum and plastic rails plus various types of curtain poles, including wooden and metal poles.

Whichever rail you choose you need to find out if it is long enough and strong enough for your curtains. Also consider the type of window you are fitting your curtain tracks to. A bay window will require rails that can be bent around the shape of the bay.

The most popular types are the plastic, aluminum and nylon curtain tracks which are strong, light and very flexible. These varieties are good because they can be cut easily, are very flexible and can be bent around corners making them ideal for bay windows. Wooden poles are also very popular. They are very easy to fit with just a bracket at either end and easy to cut. The extra good news is that both the plastic/aluminum curtain tracks and the curtain poles are inexpensive to buy.